AMTRAK ROUTE GUIDE #16a -- Emeryville, California to Salt Lake City, Utah
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California Zephyr passing through Emigrant Gap, California
(photo copyrighted by Rail
Emeryville to Davis
Davis to Colfax
Colfax to Reno
Reno to Winnemucca
Winnemucca to Elko
Elko to Wendover
Wendover to Salt Lake City
List of References
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These logs are designed to allow the casual train traveler to enjoy the sights and scenery from your AMTRAK journey.  They cover 4 basic aspects of what you will see from the train -- scenery, geology, history, and place name origins.  Many sources have been used to compile this information.  After each log there will be a  List of References which were used for that log.  I have relied very heavily on Mountain Press Publishing's Roadside Geology and Roadside History series, as well as used many available web sites, geologic references, and other types of books.  The complete accuracy of anything in these logs cannot be verified, but they should give the casual traveler an idea of the story behind what they are seeing from the train!!  Please send me any comments to  Mileages shown are based on a set of maps I have put together covering each route -- the maps are available from Snapfish (see link on each log page).  Please note that you must register wth Snapfish to see the maps -- registration is free.  Mileposts listed always begin at the first station of each log (mile 0.0), and are shown as consecutive mileposts from that station of origin.  These are NOT railroad mileposts.